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Digital Business Card

Webexpertdesigners’  expert in digital business card nz, within a few simple steps, create your Digital Business Card like a pro. Share your contact information with a single scan to hasten network expansion. A digital business card is an online method of sharing your brand's contact information. A Digital Business card can be made in any format and for every kind of device.  

We, a top web design company in Auckland will make you your own Digital Business Card which you can share and promote your business.

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Custom QR code

A Quick Response Code or in short, a QR code is a type of square barcode which is used to identify certain information about an item to which it is attached; it may not be a physical item, it can be a digital item as well. A QR code contains 4 encoding nodes and contains data for a locator, identifier, and a tracker that redirects you to the website or application. You may create personalised QR codes with a logo using Webexpertdesigners' QR code generator. Comparing our personalised QR codes to standard black-and-white QR codes, 30% more scans occur. We have been recognised as one of the best and most complete business card designers and online QR code generators available today.

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